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Sunday, June 1, 2014


today, i was talking to a  guy i go to church with.

just rambling on about different stuff, and he asked me if i could crochet him a scripture cover.

i can crochet almost anything im asked to do, i just have to have a patterm or i make one up...

so, i told him, of course i could make one.
he wanted 2!!

one in red and white (OU colors) and one in Blue & Orange (Thunder colors)
he mentioned a zipper, but i wanted to try to do it as a bag, with a flap on it, maybe a button to keep the flap closed.

so, i went online, looking for a free patter, and i didnt exactly see any free ones...
but i did find some, and grabbed the images as reference.

these have a fabric base and a crochet overlay on the top.

i want to try to make it completely out of crochet.

as i was thinking about this idea, i thought, "i wonder how popular THAT will be. ppl LOVE the ties i make and i recently sold 1 crochet bucket hats, making a that seems to be selling ok. i just wonder...if ppl will ask for a crochet scripture cover now."

and then thought , if they do..i can make these and sell them on etsy, SURLY SOMEONE will want them...

so, thats my NEW task, to make some scripture covers and see how well they are received.

one of my main issues with doing this is all the different sized scriptures we have, we have several different sizes and thicknesses depending on wgich set and era your LDS scriptures were bought in.

we have compact.

small, fit in your hand easily, very tiny font in them.
they measure, depending on which set you have: 4.25w/ 6t/ .94 thick or 2.44 thick

then theres the Regular (or standard) Sized scriptures:

slightly larger, almost the size of a novel, maybe slightly bigger.

5.25W/ 7.25Tall/ .94 Thich or 2.44 Thick

then theres the..LARGE:

much larger. and pretty much the one most ppl have today if they dont have the REGULAR sized (shown above)

6.5 W/ 9.5 Tall/ .94 thick or 2.44 thick

then theres an older version of this set:
6.3 w/ 9.53 tall/ 1.2 thick

and more even but i dont see many ppl carrying those around much so i dont think the demand for them will be that great.

4 different sizes.