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Friday, May 16, 2014


i got up this am, was going through my emails, saw that Paul, (who has the LP shop across from me at the flea market) had posted a message to me about fining almost 40 skeins of yarn...


15.00 bucks, asked me if i wanted it..

is he insane? SURE! hubby will be thrilled he wont NEED to go and buy me yarn for like..YEARS!! lol

40 skeins! well almost, maybe its 39, 38..but its still..ALLOT!

i pay him tomorrow for this mother load!

i am truthfully VERY blessed by being surrounded by ppl who look out for me and my interests.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014


handed off one of my cell phone cases tonight.

individual wasnt at church to get it herself, for me to take a pic of her with it, she was sick at home, trying to feel better.

but this is hers:

she has a purse/ bag she has that matches these colors, so i wanted to make something to go with it.

now, onto the STITCH one, also for this same individual.

i have made 2 others for a larger smart phone (samsumg, etc.)
and i need to make  one more for a total of 4 in this design.

heres the young lady wearing her prized possession! and it DOES match her bag, so pleassed about that! :)

funny id see this across my timeline, because im actually making her the STITCH one as i saw this...
wonder WHICH one shed wear more? lol

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

STITCH is about to be crochet stitched...into a cell phone carrier!

 so, one of my crochet ideas has been to make cell phone covers.
with a neck strap so you can wear it in front of you, and not in your back poicket and allo it to be dropped in some random toilette somewhere.

idea came from my God-daughter (and numerous other individuals) who post on Facebook, they have dropped said smart phone into a toilette, and/or sink.
well thats usually because its sitting in the back pocket when they either sit down, or get up, and slides out and drops..right into the water.

could also happen as they are flushing, they are texting, thinks slippery wif you dont have some case on it twith some friction/traction for your fingers...
and. out of the fingers it goes, and i can imagine for almost everyone, it all happens in very....sloooow....motion.

so, i have made some simple ones. just with colored yearn nothing special, not too fancy...
and i have had ppl ask for them, actually wanting them.

 o have far more than this i have made. these were made for specific individuals. and were taken as they were in use, or shared that i had made them to others on Facebook.

well that led me on a quest to locate some patetrns, and ideas..and i came across a ton of character cellphone covers ppl had made by crocheting them.
so, ive had that idea somewhere in the back of my head.,

i was invited to a wedding with a church freind of mine and her daughter, and i told my freind id make her one, whipped it up waiting for her to come pick me up, and asked the daughter what shes like, and she said, shed want a..STITCH

who doesnt love STITCH from: Disneys Lilo & Stitch?

cant remember this adrobale creature? then youve forgotten something very cool! (just saying, lol) ill provide an image for your remembering abilities.

this sia  silicon cellphone cover i saw..and i liked the facr of it, so ill use that face as an inspiration:
now my problem comes from the fact that...theres no one whos made this before, and i have NO patterns for this, so ill have to create this, completely off the top of my head.

i think ill try to do something like this yoda, along the same lines, similar, not exactly like this, but enough like this i have the idea of it anyway..
i wanted to simply do the face as the cover, not the whole body...i could try that later. right now i want just to get that face down, before i go to far, and this yoday has ears that stick out, a part of STITCH that HAS to be used in the same manner. so im going to use yoda as the inspiration for this stitch head cell phone cover.
(may the force be with me!) lol

besides the STITCH cellphone case, i found this as well, i shared with the individual, thought maybe shed like these too..

so..well START with the cellphone case and work our way up from there.

i got the 2 different colored yarns for this last night. so im ready, i ALSO have to make her a basic dark neon cell phone carrier that matches a purse she has. :) ill make sure i post that once im done. 

when i make a case i try to make 2 for sale in the average smart phone size, and 2 in the larger cell phone size. just to have enough on hand.
if i make them, ill have them on sale on my etsy page.
 find MY ETSY here.

and, of course, all items will be posted for viewing here as well.



why oh why do i have to QUICK POST NetworkedBlogs? whats the deal, you always have issues when im trying to FEED the  post to facebook...

so annoying, seriously.
i wish youd just shake hands and be ok like you used to be, this is super annoying to me when i want to  publish feeds from my different blogs to my different pages and profile here on facebook.

i have so many blogs (30+) i have to adjust because you both wont agree on one little thing, like agreeing to the publishing of the post on feed format, has to be one or the other or both of you doing this, its ridiculous, seriously...

when it was good, youd set up a blog, connect it to Facebook, push that throught to test if it was ok, and voila! you were all set, but  everyones chattering STILL in forums on here about how the blogs they have had have not been updating, and i noticed it as well, a few blogs back, did something, and it was all ok, ansd seemed to be working fine, had to remove the OLD networkblogs info, and publish new HTML for it to work right.

well this is a brand new blog, shouldnt have a single issue, yet, here i am complaining and im one blog post into this...

i HATE having to look for another facebook blog feeder, seriously, you were SO good, such an easy setup, and now? ppppppppppppppppppht. what am i wasting my time on you for?


so theres this one, ive heard about it...
 you can find them HERE

so, i have set up this RSS feeder...and will publish THIS post, and well see how well it handles the demand, i can do this for each blog as well.

i really liked the way Networkblogges looked when it fed through my pages, it showed the image i had selevted, had the title, was  a nice view of the blog on my facebook pages, i havnt really seen what this one looks like yet, have to push it out there to see. ive alos set the timing up *(you can schedule how many times a day you want each blog to be pushed, networked was once a day) to one time a day, dont think ppl want to see my blogs more than that many times, lol
im seriously, not THAT interesting (altho i think i am, i am also biased, lol)

so, with that...lets see what this blog does for that feed...

may change if i dont like never knows.

1st post for this blog - WHY THIS NAME??!?!!?

i was thinking allot about blogging lately, i have a ton of things i want to do, things i want to create, and i have another  blog where i display some of those, but it will also include other crafts as well...

i wanted a blog exclusive to my crochet.

im no master at this, but i do it..ALLOT.
not sure why, but i think, i can seel stuff i make.
turns out i give most of my stuff away..

but why this name?
i wanted it to be CROCHET CRAZY, but someone already has that..

so i was thinking, and remembered a picture i saved to my computer, i intend to put into an album on my Facebook, that was :

so, i named THIS blog, that! Lol

cause i usually have, somewhere on me or around me, a ball of yarn, a needle, a pair of scissors, and a needle.
all i ever need to make whatever idea i have in my head.


this blog will be devoted to my ideas and creations in the crochet world.

for wanting to walk with me on this journey...